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Our energy consulting services listed below can be provided as part of a wider project, or as an individual service:
• Building Energy Modelling and Analysis
• Building Envelope Optimisation
• LEED Consulting
• EED (Energy Efficient Design) Expert for EXEED Certification
• Energy Auditing
A detailed summary of each service is shown below:

Building Energy Modelling and Analysis
Concept Design
• Regulatory compliance assessments for Part L, NZEB, BER and DEC
• Preliminary building energy analysis to gain insights on concept designs
• Integrated analysis for evaluating concept design compatibility with multi disciplines
• Energy consumption comparison for alternative design concepts
• CFD based air flow simulation for early optimisation of ventilation performance and thermal comfort
Detailed Design
• Whole-building energy analysis for detailed design process and LEED
• Efficiency optimisation for green building certification requirements
• Support for LEED and ASHRAE certification
• HVAC design optimization for optimised human comfort conditions

Building Envelope Optimisation
• Orientation analysis to understand the site potential for passive energy utilisation
• Building form optimisation for natural ventilation
• Simulation for shading analysis, sun path analysis and wall/roof insulation as per CIBSE
• Daylight optimisation to reduce energy consumption from artificial lighting

LEED Consulting/Administration
• LEED certification from concept through final certification
• Design evaluation for sustainable building development
• LEED peer reviewing and post-occupancy
• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and daylight analysis
• Envelope performance evaluation
• Energy systems analysis – solar, wind, thermal comfort, and building orientation

EED Services (For EXEED)
• Analysis of building energy use and identification of significant energy users and energy saving opportunities
• Challenge building for energy savings (architectural an MEP) and calculate and prioritise energy saving measures for implementation
• Verify implementation of agreed energy saving measures

Building Energy Audits
• Collection and analysis of utility data and benchmarking of energy use
• Assessment of energy conservation and efficiency improvement potential
• Inspection of building and systems and interviewing of staff
• Analysis of energy use and cost savings and putting forward energy saving measures

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